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Updated at 2018/07/10

QVC, an American TV network, is registered with states to collect sales or use tax on taxable items. QVC is also required by most states to tax shipping and handling costs. After collecting sales taxes from a customer, QVC remits them to the tax authority in the state where the customer resides.

QVC Business

QVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation. QVC was founded in 1986 as a TV network that to this day specializes in providing a home shopping experience over cable, satellite and broadcast TV networks. Currently, QVC broadcasts its televised shopping shows to six countries and over 235 million households. QVC shopping shows are led in an entertaining way by over 20 hosts from diverse backgrounds. In 2009, QVC began offering a high-definition feed of its channels.

Purchases on QVC

QVC offers its customers an easy and convenient ordering process. Customers can place their orders through the QVC website, automated ordering, mobile services or a customer service representative.

Customers can view and purchase all items shown over QVC's TV network through QVC.com. Also, QVC offers 24/7 automated ordering, where customers can call a specific phone number and order their items using known item numbers. Customers can also place their orders using their mobile devices through QVC applications available on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. Finally, customers can call and speak with a customer service representative, who can assist them in placing orders. Like any other merchant that ships goods ordered online or over the phone, QVC must collect state sales tax from its customers.

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