What are some examples of companies that are Value-Added Resellers?

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Among the most common value-added resellers are computer retailers and service companies, automobile dealerships and furniture stores. Value-added resellers are businesses that sell products manufactured by other companies in addition to selling their own supplemental products and services, thereby increasing the value of the resold product purchased by the consumer.

Value-added resellers are found extensively at the retail level for computer hardware and services. Computer retailers and computer technology service companies typically offer a wide range of value-added products and services, including extended warranties and service contracts, supplemental hardware, installation, setup, training services, professional consulting services, customization and software programs. One of the major aims of companies in providing value-added services is to develop relationships with customers that will lead to repeat business.

Automobile dealerships most commonly offer value-added products and services in the forms of extended warranties and service contracts, or custom-made accessory parts or engine enhancements. Not all value-added services directly produce additional revenue for a company. For example, included within the value-added services offered by automobile dealers are typically things such as offering a free rental car for a customer's use during a period when the customer's car is at the dealership for repairs. Such a service is solely aimed at developing customer relationships for repeat business.

One industry not as frequently thought of as a value-added reseller is the furniture industry. However, to increase sales revenues and create relationships with customers to encourage repeat business, furniture stores offer additional services such as interior decorating, either in a consulting or direct service capacity.

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